Let the tradition through the all time
Restore art to life


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The visitor center has complete facilities and a clean and elegant environment. In the spirit of people-oriented and humanized service, adhering to the concept of “health, positive and practical”, and advocating the “restore history and experience tradition”, the park focuses on the inheritance of traditional original art while also paying attention to the inheritance of traditional culture. And development. Tiangong Creation Square has traditional Chinese art projects such as New Year's painting, papermaking, pottery, folk artefacts and intangible heritage. It allows visitors to experience the exquisite traditional skills and interact with the masters. Let visitors use the “appreciation and experience” visit mode, contact historical relics, learn historical knowledge, and understand the national life, production, folk relics and so on.

Tianyifang is located at the main entrance of Tianyi Village. The high trees and low-lying clusters are hidden among them. The famous artworks in the square are dotted with oil paintings, Chinese paintings, prints and sculptures. A variety of ceramic art, natural handmade products, brilliant creative ceramic bottles; exotic small pendants, European-style wood carvings, all kinds of modern ornaments, add a fun ceramic experience area for your life The process of personally depicting the production by hand will give you unlimited space for your creativity and imagination.