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杨瑞洪 教授  四川省教学名师,阿坝师范学院美术学院院长。

1963年生于阿坝州汶川,祖籍四川安岳。 1981年 中师美术班毕业任教金川县中;





2002中国油画大展(浙江);             2003中国水彩画写生精品展(杭州);



2014四川文华美术奖作品展;(成都)      2002全国教师优秀作品展(北京);                     

 1987四川油画展(成都); 89成都纯粹绘画八人展(成都); 1996高原风杨瑞洪油画展(重庆);  


2004韩国汉城龙山国际美术交流展(韩国);    2004中国艺术博览会(北京);

2005中国北京国际艺术博览会(北京);  2006走进湿地四川美术家写生作品展(成都);

2007阿坝高原当代油画展(成都);  2008劫后余生-杨瑞洪·大唐卓玛油画作品展(成都);







2014 艺术牧民·艺术生活-绘画作品四人展(成都)图像共生·中法艺术家作品交流展(成都)


2015 纪念中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利70周年-四川美术作品展;

2015 大山大水·大美四川—美术创作过程作品展;第二届四川文华奖美术作品展;

2016 深入生活 扎根人民·2016四川省美术作品展;

2016 视觉消费·第二届南京国际美术展平行展;












Yang Ruihong

Born in Wenchuan Couty, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in 1963 with the ancestral home in Anyue, Sichuan, he graduated from Fine Arts class in a secondary normal school and then taught at Jinchuang Middle School, from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1989, and from the college of fine arts in Southwest China Normal University with a master’s degree of oil painting in 1996.

Professor Yang Ruihong, Sichuan famous teacher, dean of Fine Arts school Academy of Aba Teachers College is on the board of Sichuan Artists Association and the chairman of Ngawa Artists Association.


2017 The 2nd National Master from Academy of Fine Arts in Normal University Oil Painting Exhibition

2017 “Intellectual Vision Consumption” The 2rd Nanjing International Art Festival

2016 “Rooted Deeply in Life and People” Sichuan Fine Arts Exhibition

2015 “Mountain & River, Sichuan Great Beauty” Art Working Process Artwork Exhibition

2015   Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-Fascist Second Sino-Japanese War—Sichuan Fine Art Exhibition:

2015 “Resonate” China and German International Six-person Art Exhibition

2015 “Image and Imagination” 2015 China-France Art Exchange Exhibition

2014   (Chengdu)“Art Herdsman, Art Life” Four-person Painting Exhibition                                            

2014 “Plateau, Plateau” The 4th West China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition

2014   (Chengdu)Sichuan Wenhua Prize Artworks Exhibition                                                     

2013   (Xi’an)“Plateau, Plateau” The 2nd West China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition, the 3rd Prize                      

2013  “Image and Imagination” Sichuan Ten-person Oil Painting Exhibition

2012   Jing, Cheng Cangdixing Art Exchange Exhibition

2011   (Chengdu)Gratitude for Qiangshan, Yang Ruihong and Datang Zhuoma Oil Painting Exhibition                    

2011 ‘The Unyielding Backbone” Sichuan Fine Arts Exhibition for 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake

2011   (Beijing)“Spirits of the time” National Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition                                           

Works’ Publication:

Today’s Chinese Art, Chinese Oil Painting, Chinese Artists, Ba and Shu Art School、Sichuan Art, Modern Chinese Oil Painting Master, Artworks’ Collection of Hundreds of people, Chinese Outstanding Artists Series—Yang Ruihong Artwork Collection, Appreciation of Master and Famous Artwork Yang Ruihong Artwork Collection of Imagery Plateau, Modern Chinese Artist, Modern Oil Painting, Today’s Collection and etc.

Works’ Collection:

Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute; Beijing Shenxiang Gallery, Beijing Yuanse Life Gallery, Taiwan Imagery Gallery, Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Village, Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum; Sichuan Suiyue Art Museum, individuals at home and abroad.


Art Criticism:

He prides himself on being an art herder who always walks on the snowy Tibetan Plateau and whose spirits have integrated with those of the Plateau on western China.  

With regard to painting, he discusses frequently with me and deems that the relation between paintings and reality is far from reproducing, but is to build up the phenomenon through oil painting language and embody the painter’s own unique art expression of real environment through images. In his series of oil painting “Plateau”, he paid more attention to certain images offered by the nature that lie between the likeness and unlikeness and could be injected with some spiritual meanings, relations of colors, technical for oil paintings and links between some shapes, colors and lines. Focuses in short are special images and meanings formulated by unique aesthetic elements of the vast, cold and mysterious Tibetan Plateau. In his paintings, the perfectly strong combination of traditional Chinese painting technical in lines and the classical oil painting technical make the plateau, snowy mountains, yaks and herders have completely different images. Scenes on his paintings are of great vitality and nature, presenting us how the Oriental aesthetics fill images. His creation embodies his endless and unremitting pursuit for the integration of nationality and modernity.  

As he always said, “I have deeply implanted the root of my art into this amazing land and sincerely expressed my earnest feelings for this plateau.”, “I insist on exploring and practicing being national and local when painting by changing the language of oil painting. During the course of the gradual combination of thick colors in western oil painting and secret oriental lines that shape my own special characteristics, I have also been influenced by numerous masters from all over the world, such as Zhao Wuji, Wu Guanzhong, Lin Fengmian, Su Tianci, Chen Danqing,Li Bo’an, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso and etc.. All those spiritual nourishment concerning the nature, art and humanities support me in my whole art life.”

Datang Zhuoma (Excerpts)